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Filling the Manual transmission

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hi all, the fill plug on my 1998 frontier 4x4 manual is completely stuck. Tried welding a nut and turning but nothing.

Are there any other ways to fill the trans? Maybe a sensor or something i can remove and use to fill the tranny?

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I will try this in the morning. Shift boots (inner) won't tear if I yank? Any idea how its held down?

quick update.

This worked. For anyone else attempting to do this, its pretty simple.

-Remove shifter knobs (both for transfer case and transmission, righty tighty/lefty loosey)
-Remove 4 screws, two on each side, holding shifter boot/cup holder trim
-Remove boot/trim/cup holder
-Remove two screws holding the dash trim where you insert the key to enable/disable passenger airbag. One screw on each side.
-Remove/pull and set that trim aside, no need to unplug anything.
-There are 7-8 screws around the rubber boot that need to be removed. I had to cut the carpet under the air bag lock trim to be able to reach all the screws and pull the metal back.
-Once all the screws are our, both rubber boots can be pulled back (one is stuck to the metal frame, one isnt).
-At this point, you'll see the transmission gear stick is bolted to the transmission by 4, 12mm bolts.
-Remove all 4 bolts and use mallet/screwdriver to bump the assembly and "unstick" the gear stick from the tranny (should be easy)
-At this point, you can stick a funnel into the hole created from removing the gear stick/lever assembly
-Fill you transmission (4WD takes 4.9 liters of GL-4)

-Reverse to reassemble
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