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Fiberglass fenders adjustments

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Hopefully, someone could help me with this. I like to be the DIY type of guy but I got lazy and got a local shop to install my front fenders. I knew from the moment I ordered my fiberglass fenders that there was a good chance that they were not going to be as perfect as the stock fenders but I did not expect them to be this bad. I don't care if they are a bit off but I feel that there are too many imperfections. I feel that the problem is both the fenders themselves and bad installation. My question is, is it fixable enough to where there is at least no gap next to the headlights? I have no bodywork experience. Will this job be more than I can chew if I attempt it? Thanks club members.

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Oh man,I feel for you! They either did not know what they were doing or the fenders were poorly made.The shop that did the work should have at least informed you about the ill fittng parts. If that was the case before they even started. Most shops that I know would not even do the work with shoddy parts.
Are all those mountng points cracked? All those areas will need to be repaired. I would see if it would even line up with all the bolts removed.If it will tnen attempt the repair.You should take it back to the shop and see what they say.Although I would not have much confidence in them after seeing their craftmanship.
Who was the manufactuer of the fenders?
You should not have had such a lousy fit from a reputable company.
To tell you the truth,I would **** can those fenders,eat the losses and start over. Less headaches in the long run in my opinion.
I don't have any real good photos of mine but they fit a whole lot better.
By the way,I still not been able to work on the diff I got from you.Still sick but getting better.That is the reason I am up at this goofy hour.


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The install must have caused the poor fit and the cracking..I would raise hell with the outfit that nstalled them.You would think they would make it right just from the liability stand point.I would even think of small claims court.I know that would be a hassle buy you have a good case.
I thought they were Fiberwerks but I could be wrong..One of my co-drivers bought them,the one you talked to about picking up the diff.Ben Wright of Wright Fabrication did the install.He co-drives also.
Hope it turns out well.
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