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Fiberglass fenders adjustments

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Hopefully, someone could help me with this. I like to be the DIY type of guy but I got lazy and got a local shop to install my front fenders. I knew from the moment I ordered my fiberglass fenders that there was a good chance that they were not going to be as perfect as the stock fenders but I did not expect them to be this bad. I don't care if they are a bit off but I feel that there are too many imperfections. I feel that the problem is both the fenders themselves and bad installation. My question is, is it fixable enough to where there is at least no gap next to the headlights? I have no bodywork experience. Will this job be more than I can chew if I attempt it? Thanks club members.

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Different truck, but I installed a set of Hannemann Fiberglass bedsides and fenders on my 1995 Hardbody ( uses my photos).

The fit was absolutely terrible. I posted progress pics of my installation and it scared everyone off of their forum from buying their crap.

Last time I will work with fiberglass.

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