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Fender Liners for Fiberglass?

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What are you guys with glass up front using for fender liners? I dont like the fact that everything is out in the open like it is.
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haha i haven't done anything with it. I kinda like being able to see everything.
how are you with sheet metal, just make up some
Thinking of buying some liners from a dually and work with heat to shape them.

I kinda like being able to see everything.
I would like to see the those radlo's too. I had to paint my ac coils black because they looked like **** now they are boring...
Hey idle, i think i remember a while ago you talking about opening a body shop. Did that happen? My truck is almost ready for paint and I have been looking around for someone to paint it. Would love to give you the business.
I dont have fenders yet, but I've always wondered about that. I'd like to see what you come up with though Idleone.
go to DMZFAB.COM theres a white titan with sheetmetal liners. looks clean, so you can get an idea if you do make some...
i used thin welcome mats. they didnt say anything and they were just black flexy plastic.
I dont use any due to my suspension, it cycles up a lot. I cut out a lot, but i will soon be removing everything all the way back onto my firewall and just run tubes from the roll cage.
This is what i meant about running the tubes from the roll cage, and then bolting everything to them. See how we place tabs for the fenders to bolt on to.
By the way, this is a ranger we just recently finished building its roll cage.
most people run them with out inner fender, but they are really made for prerunners and when you build the cage you cut out the core support and everything in front of the firewall. Like said earlier that most people sheet mettle them in if they want inner fenders.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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