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I purchased an ATC truck cap used from a wrecking yard (RIP the beautiful 2017 pro4x I pulled it off of).

It has a pre-wired 4pin spade connector to run the tail light and the dome light.

My truck has the 7pin factory trailer light connector, but no 4 pin connector (which is usually the case).

Right now I have it red-neck retrofitted like so:

4pin spade extension running from the truck cap to a 4pin spade adapter that I plugged into my 7pin connection. It works, but looks really........lame.

ALL that to say, is there some sort of apparatus that I can get that replaces the factor 7pin plug with one that ALSO has a separate 4 pin?

I would REALLY like to avoid cutting into the harness if at all possible (electrical ain't really my strong suit).

Thanks in advance!
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