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FEELER: Total Choas UCA

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thinkin about swaping out my frontier TC UCA for a titan UCA and putting a titan swap on my truck. just seeing if i would have a buyer for my uca i have on there now. lookin to get $320 obo its been on like a year. no real abuse to it. havent prerunned with it on. ive done some (wanna-be) 4x4 with my 2wd truck but thats it. thanks
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I got my TC UCAs from someone in CA it was about 20-25 bucks I think with UPS. USPS is always cheaper. They are alot heavier than you think. I can look at the box, but I think it was like 20 pounds
sounds good. thanks i appreciate it. let me know when u get the chance the weight ands details. thanks
The box was approx. 7x13x16 and it says on it 20lbs (UPS)
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