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FEELER: Total Choas UCA

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thinkin about swaping out my frontier TC UCA for a titan UCA and putting a titan swap on my truck. just seeing if i would have a buyer for my uca i have on there now. lookin to get $320 obo its been on like a year. no real abuse to it. havent prerunned with it on. ive done some (wanna-be) 4x4 with my 2wd truck but thats it. thanks
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i wouldnt even know brotha. how do u find that out. just take it to ups or somethin and see what they say or how does that work?
guesstimate the size of the box you would need to put it in, head over to or and put in the measurements and weight or just flat rate it via usps for about $10.
cool thanks bro

looks like $10 or $15. with usps.

Damn, I can't believe shipping a cross country would be $10.
for real. i always thought shipping was exspensive. sounds good mike, im tryin to find a deal on titan uca. i seen someone post a thread last month. its was a TC UCA special so i pm'd him but i doubt its still goin on.

if anybody has or knows someone selling an titan aftermarket uca prg, tc, camburg, let me know asap
I got my TC UCAs from someone in CA it was about 20-25 bucks I think with UPS. USPS is always cheaper. They are alot heavier than you think. I can look at the box, but I think it was like 20 pounds
sounds good. thanks i appreciate it. let me know when u get the chance the weight ands details. thanks
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