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FEELER for some parts

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I need a 4door so i posted my truck a couple of times and have about 3 people wanting to look at my truck. Im not in a rush to sell it but wanted to see what i could get. Soo.. if the price im asking will not go through, i will take out some parts to make it more reasonable price for them. Main parts that " COULD" be for sale in a couple of weeks is

- calmini radflos (price - 450 obo plus shipping)
- TC UCA's if someone really wants it i'll take them off if not i'll leave them - (price - 300 plus shipping)
-AEM CAI ( price - 100 plus shipping)

I figure let you guys know first but if the price im asking goes through everything goes but if not these are the items most likely to be taken out.
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I could certainly use some UCAs! But won't shipping be killer from there?
well i wont lie, i'll get my friend to send them, he works at aloha cargo and they get like 25% or alittle more discount on fedex so it will definitly be send through them
Can't you use the flat-rate boxes from USPS for the UCAs?
probably they would fit perfectly
can you post pics of the UCAs? I will buy them if you dont already have a buyer... Im in Cali... message me if that is possible when the time comes and they are off your hands.
they probably don't look brand new like that but guarentee no scratches or what so ever probably just dusty right now and the coilovers also, no chips or anything and i only recently took off my sway bar and actually went camping and felt a big difference so they where definitly not abused


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Alrighty sounds good I will buy them
from you when ever your ready to sell them

Alrighty sounds good I will buy them
from you when ever your ready to sell them
ok you got dibs on them..
awesome thanks!
someone should get on them coilovers!
there probably scared of shipping price but like i said, fedex with discount. when i worked for aloha airlines we have like 40percent discount to any where. hopefully someone buys it, but if not just keep it or throw it in for the guy who buys the truck
300 shipped?:)
300 shipped?:)
im still taking a lost at 450. These are 799 brand new.. not being dick but i am in a tight spot and need to get as much as can. i could maybe do 400 but i want to find out where im sending it and find the shipping price first before i give you the ok and dibs. so let me know where its going and i'll find out how much they will be to ship to you.
sorry I wasn't trying to be a d!ck, I was really responding to the UCAs at 300 + shipping that I had responded to in the beginning. I have Radflos, just need some UCAs.
bump for you....i would love to buy those things from u. lol but i think i gotta save more money.
PM Sent
Still have the UCAs?
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