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Well it is Fathers Day AND Moving Day! We only have 3 fathers here but we deserve a break, we do have a whole bunch of Mothers though ;) AND its already moving time again! And it seems like we just moved in here but it has been 2 years already...

We have outgrown our shop for the 7th time in 9 years and moving is getting pretty old... So, we are moving up to not quite 14,000sqft, more than double the size of our present 6,750sqft. We will have 3600sqft of welding and prep area, 7500sqft of shipping and inventory area, an office big enough for up to 8 sales desks, and Garett will even get his own building for R&D and special projects! I will even get a little desk in the corner of the sales room... It is a much nicer and newer building that is also fully insulated so it will be a little easier the heat and cool.

Here are a couple of pics of the new shop, this is just the shipping and inventory area (7500')

The big companies are starting to take notice of us so we have to stay on our toes and be ready for anything and it costs' a ton of money to move, even if its only a half mile away. So buy a ton of stuff while its all 20% OFF so we can afford to get this move done. No shipping times will be affected because we won't start moving until July 1st!

The discount code is FATHER and its good til Tuesday at midnite :)
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