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farthest offset i can go

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I have an 03 4x4 Frontier stock everything. I'm looking to get some cheap black daytona, or cragar 16x7 6x5.5 wheels. I'm going to be leveling the truck also, what is the biggest offset i can go without causing problems. and also without having to use spacers

is -12mm to much?

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Ok, there realy is like 10 threads on here debating the thought of if wider was bad or not.

I will say BOTH sides make valid arguments. I'm not taking sides here, youcan decide for your self. but at least from the people on here, and there is a fair a mount of members on here with wider off set, rimes, and or/wheel spacers.
Also the "Titan swap" is a popular mod for our trucks.

There is also very few (none that I know of, just assumeing there is) threads reguarding that pre-mature wheel bearing failure had happend.

Just throwing that out there.....
^^ By using a more negative offset without either upgrading the suspension components (better coils) or by installing wider control arms (titan swap) you increase your scrub radius which, like toryroyce said acts like a lever on your wheels bearings and hub. Now unless you drive your truck incredibly hard around corners and jump it like a wild a$$ indian I doubt you'll have any problems.
I agree, but there is next to no threads that talk about pre-mature ware on wheel bearings.

And EVERYONE has wheels with wider off set.
okay so would 0.00 to be much of an offset for just being leveled?

like these

Cragar 3977760 - Cragar Soft 8 Wheels - Overview -

and i'll probably have to get something like these right???
If stock is +30. And you went 0.0, then the 0.0 would be super narrow. Right?
Oh, and like the guy before me said, [email protected]# will get flung all over the side of your truck. AND in most (all?) states, it is illegal to have tires that protrude from the wheelwells.
No bro, I totaly agree with ya. The more they stick out the more mechanical advantage the wheel has on the bearing, causing it to die sooner. I get that, I just think the life of modern wheel bearings is so long, that what you will be hurting, may be worth it.

The look of a wider stance is killa! IMO. And to take a few years of life off of the bearing that may last 15 years, is "ok" by most. (I for one will not own my truck that long)

So, sorry I should have been more clear. Its not that I disagree with you. Cuz I think you are 100% correct.

And yes, the mud rocks and debris flinging all over your ride is deff gonna hapen and I deff DID NOT THINK OF THAT!

Good call from the both of you!

Plus, at least in PA it is 100% illegal. (but i see 100 vehicals every day that have wide as hell wheels with jet black tint on the front windows. Also illegal in PA)
okay, how how far do you guys think my tires will stick out with 4" back space 0 offset and 1" wheel adapters 265/70 R 16
Can you put those numbers up against the stoke numbers? I cant tell juyst by what you will have.
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