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Fan Clutch

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Even though I know it's not a clutch it's a thermal unit, regardless, mine needs changing because my fan is always engaged and turns high rpms and can hear it very audibly over the motor. I'm assuming it's the unit right behind the fan itself (16)? And how hard is it to change out myself if I am mechanically inclined?

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#16 is the part but at $120 thru makes an Efan swap even more affordible. Heck, I think I only payid 150 total for my dual efan set-up with controller.
They are considerably cheaper at autozone, at least for first gens, check there. Pretty easy swap, You will have to take the fan shroud off....pull the 4 nuts holding the fan/clutch onto the pulley, then pull the whole fan/clutch unit out, replace clutch and rebolt on.
I think these steps should be swapped a little. It is easier to remove the plastic fan from the "clutch" first and the nthe clutch from the pulley. If not you will cut your hand/arm up pretty well on the plastic.

If you insist on removing the 4 nuts first, make sure you have a good closed end wrench, if it ratches it makes the job easier.

I had to do this whole procedure twice until the did the Efans and now it is much easier/cleaner.
Fair enough. Thats how I do it on the pathy/1st gen, but I have very limited fan/rad clearance. You guys probably have more.
Yea, once you split the shroud and remove it, you have a few inches between the fan and the radiator.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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