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Hello all,

Had a problem. Could put the new baby in the Hardbody King Cab, could put the wife in the Hardbody King Cab, but couldn't put the baby and the wife in the Hardbody King Cab at the same time. After looking at a couple of D22 Frontier Crew Cab Longbeds (since when was 6' a longbed anyhow?) decided to bite the bullet and bought a low-miles D40 2015 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab LWB. Not many of these 139" WB trucks around, was surprised to find a 4x4 priced down closer to 4x2s, albeit one model year older.

Truck is basically new inside, 16,000 miles, still has new truck smell. Rear bumper was bent, we've pulled it out with straps and a come-along, considering going aftermarket. Also this thing needs a backup camera, despite having driven Dodge Maxivans at work for a decade I can't readily figure out where the back of this truck is and I don't want to bend my bumper again. I blame the wheel opening shape, it blocks view of the rear bumper. That plus the poor turning radius and I think I figured out why the previous owner traded it in to a Subaru dealership...
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