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Falken TZ04 wrapped on Titan 18"s

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In case some of you hadn't seen my previous post about trying to find a good looking tire here it is in a dedicated thread. I'm doing this so that everybody has ANOTHER option

No one, of my knowledge, has the Falken Ziex TZ04 tires. They are designed to be a sport truck tire. So far I really really like them. Definitely recommended.

Here's a copy and paste from the other post:

Alright got the Falken's slapped on. 285/60/18

They look pretty tight imo. I am a bit disappointed that I lost some of the beefy chunky look, and I lost 1/2 inch in ride height, but for the price and performance who can complain...

Review of the tire:
Handling is AMAZING... At least compared the the Wranglers that were on the truck before. They are also very smooth. Steering feels lighter and easier to redirect the truck (maybe due to lighter tire/wider?). The tires definitely react quicker. My truck feels "fast" again acceleration and braking wise. (Mainly due to the 1" Diameter reduction)

I can't give too good of a review as I haven't driven but 10 miles, but so far I would already recommend them for a sport truck. I feel like I can keep up with sports cars now. And for $112 a tire... Awesome!

Here's LOTS of Pics (wish truck wasn't so dirty...):

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Looks great man. DO those rims bilt right up or you need a spacer?
great looking rims, can't beat the price on the tires as well....cvc14 the rims don't bolt right up, you have to use an adapter
Looking good Newman.
I gotta ask, did you paint the Titan rims like you did your LE rims (Porsche paint and all)?
Thanks Guys!

And yes I have a 1.5 inch Wheel adapter/spacer

Looking good Newman.
I gotta ask, did you paint the Titan rims like you did your LE rims (Porsche paint and all)?
No, I actually traded another member his Titans for my LE's. He had them powder coated. I like that their coated since their more resistant to chipping, but its not as deep and "luscious" of a black, which I miss from my LE's.
the wider tires really help with front grip with these trucks. if you haven't done it going to poly sway bar bushings also help a lot
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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