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Factory Windscreens

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I have started to notice my front screen has bulk imperfections in it.
if I am driding anywhere early enuf to get just on sunrise then the screen lights up with all sorts of what looks like tiny cracks or bubbles.
i took it to Obriens today and they could see it but had no idea what it was

Anyone else got a screen thats really hard to look through when the suns really low in the sky ?
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Dunno, im on my second replacement from OBriens. bloody crap Qld roads..
Well I can get a freebee from Obriens through insurance and can get factory or after market. Just wondering if I just got a crap screen or they are all similar so after market would be better. Would rather stay all factory if I can
to be honest, i haven't noticed any difference between all 3 I have had.
Do they all get chips really easy?
I dont think I have ever had this many chips in a screen
you wont be happy of after market quality compared to on 4th and each has been worse than previous one. made to a price not quality.
When I spoke with Obriens they said I could get either but the Nissan was more exxy but I dare say I should get the say on what gets installed
when i enquired about genuine screen at zootown dealer they told me an after market would be supplied and fitted at genuine price
I woulda taken it back and said no Nissan sticker not gunna happen lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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