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Factory tie down track system

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Are there less expensive and for that matter smaller components that can be used on our factory tie down system. What i am looking for is something with a simple fold flat type loop.

something that looks like this...

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I saw a post where someone was using "channel nuts" used to hang electrical conduit
along with eye bolts in the Utili track rail.

I think he got them at Home Depot... a few bucks a set if I remember right
Yeah, I scraped my factory tiedowns... way too bulky.

This is a pic of the channel nut/eyebolt setup. It doesn't fold flat, but seems to work for cheap.


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What brand and model bed cover is on your truck?

Mine? It's an Undercover Flex #FX51012 for the short bed w/ Utili Track.

It took a little adjusting to get the right amount of snug against the bed
rails, but in a hard rain there's just the smallest amount of in the support
rails. I'm real happy with it.
Sure thing. I'd provide links to where I got them, but don't know how to do that.


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The tiedowns on the bed floor are D-rings w/straps from Harbor Fright. I anchored them with
the same Channel Nuts I used on the side rails along with socket head screws.

The HiLift mounts are homemade from some 3/16 bar stock and other hardware I got at Home Depot,
alond with some plastic blocks I had sitting around the garage that I use for woodworking jigs.


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