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f/s tires and coil spacers

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i have 4 235/75/15 toyo open country a/t tires with 10k miles on then. they are 108s, extra load. good deal of miles are from the interstate. no patches or plugs. im thinkin $250 obo. i also have my stock rims which the tires are still mounted. if you want the rims to we can work out a price.

i also have brand new 2.5'' coil spacers. i bought them from a fab guy on ebay. they're black. im thinkin $60 obo.

i have pics of the spacers which will be attached. for pics of the tires let me know of any interest b/c i have to dig them out the garage and take pictures.

i can ship them anywhere via fedex, as far as the shipping cost i will let inform whoever is interested


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tires are sold anyone want the spacers??
for the spacers. I can just install them without doing anything else? I'm new in lifting trucks.
i am going to have to let some one else answer that. i have very little experience with lifting trucks. i talked to my stepdad who is a mechanic and he told me what to get.
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