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I've made some changes to my 2nd gen KC, tan interior, and won't be needing these parts any longer. As for prices, just PM me and we can figure it out. I'm in San Diego as far as shipping considerations.
1. (2) JUMP SEATS, both great condition minus I did remove child seat support on passenger side seat, but you can't even tell it's missing. Initially removed seat behind driver 1st month of owning truck & it was never sat in. Other one used maybe 5-6 times.
2. OEM FLOOR MATS barely used. I got rubber mats very soon after getting the truck & these have been sitting around for almost 5 yrs.
3. OEM SPLASH GUARDS. You know 'em. The stiff, greyish black ones. Matter of taste and application whether or not you choose to have them. My truck came without, got them and had them on for maybe 9 months and then changed my mind.
4. KC REAR WALL INTERIOR PLASTIC PANEL. It's tan and 1 big piece.
6. grey plastic lower front valance, the part that goes around where the tow hook protrudes

I'm in the market for a new rear bumper, preferably one off an XE or painted LE.
Thanks for looking
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