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Extang Warranty A+

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I have an Extang Full Tilt and love it. I like the quick and easy access to the bed, the ability to quickly remove the tarp/frame, and the ability to roll the cover if I'm not in a place where I can store the cover... which unfortunately doesn't help with spontaneous purchases at Lowes. So far my only gripe has been the clamps interference with the utilitrak.

This is the second Extang I have owned... I had a Black Max on my '03 Frontier.

Extangs warranty is great, 10 years on the tarp and lifetime on the frame and this came in handy last month. The velcro that secures the tarp when rolled had dry rotted and ripped. I contacted Extang and sent them a picture of the ripped velcro and they said it was covered under the lifetime frame warranty. They then had me cut out the code stamped on the tarp and mail it to them. Once received they shipped me a new tarp. Took 7 days from my initial contact with them. Oh, and the hole I had to cut in the tarp to get the code was easily covered by a piece of duct tape ;) so I still had use of it while waiting for the new one.



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I agree I lost a piece to my tailgate side bar where the tarp clips in and never registered my cover but when I called they sent me the piece free of charge and no shipping :)
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