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Experience with Protune Frontier UCAs ?

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I have searched but haven't found anything on here regarding these UCAs hopfully somebody has some experience with them.
I've been searching for some UCAs for my 06 frontier and just came across what appears to be a deal on some new tubular UCAs from Protune. These appear to be knock of (or maybe re-branded) Total Chaos UCAs with a heim joint. for 299 these are probably worth trying right?

Protune Suspension Frontier Site

Anybody have any experience with these?
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These are known as the "ebay UCA". Google that term and I am sure you will find more. They also make a Titan version. I researched them quite a bit and was close to buying but found some TC arms used instead.

From what I discovered these are exact copy/clones of the TC arms. The uni ball and mounting hardware was the issue. The rubber bushing was said to hold up ok. The uniball would only last couple of 100 miles. The misalignment hardware was aluminum instead of steel. This info is from post and not first hand.

PRG made an upgrade kit for $150.

PRG Products

The cost of the arms + the upgrade kit will still be WAY cheaper than the TC arms.
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The thing that I like about the TC/Ebay clones is the fact that it has a drop stop bump. Maybe it is cause I am old school. But for some reason I do not trust the shock internal bump stop.

This is from topping out. Sure it was over sprung but...
Haha, thanks. :)
That wheel came off a large rock a little too fast, which I'm thinking topped out/overextended the shock at speed.

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