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Exhaust Tips - Suggestions/Help?

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I've decided I'm going with a Flowmaster 40 series Delta Flow - going to install tomorrow.
I really would like a nice exhaust tip, my local shop has one but their trying to sell it for $75 with a $15 install.
The type I'm interested in is the slanted dual tip similar to:

You know, with one longer than the other because my exhaust is coming out the passenger side.
Looking for a nice look for a cheaper price - want to know where I can look (online) and just any suggestions!

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I had the Flowmaster 40 put on, but it was a dual in dual out setup and they through in the chrome tips for free plus he did custom piping from the cats back. Whole setup cost me a little over 200.
Looks like your going for a look that's alot like what I've got. Here's how mine looks. I'm running a IMCO tips, seem to be great quality.

Makes my truck have a more refined look instead of the slant cut ones you see on chevy, ford, and dodge trucks.:)
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no experience with these but just did some searching on summit racing for ya

Flowtech 59905FLT - FlowTech Terminator Exhaust Tips - Overview -

Jones Exhaust PDTU312SS - Jones Exhaust Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips - Overview -

There some more on there too in the exhaust tips section. Just got to get the right size.
BTW, My IMCO tips cost right at $65 a piece.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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