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hey all,,

lately i have been noticing a rattle that seems to be coming from the exhaust tip on my Gibson exhaust.. the speed shop bolted the tip on, not welded.

it only seems to happen when the pipes get hot and is annoying as hell!

i really dont want it welded on in case i want a different tip - is there anything i can put between the pipe and tip that will hold up to the heat and stop the rattle?

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If you don't wanna do that, just check if the bolts need tightening, easy enough. Don't forget that there are three bolts at the end of the exhaust that hold the exhaust to the truck, make sure those are tight too. You might be hearing that bracket rattling against the truck or something...

For a while I could hear the exhaust kinda rattle and clunk around, went under the truck, found out that the middle bolts holding the bracket were loose, gave them a quick torquing, and all was good.
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