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Exhaust pipe mystery

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I have a '04 Desert Runner 6 cyl Frontier, it just started to develop an exhaust leak at the bracket pipe that connects the muffler system to the Y-Pipe. The problem is the Frontier microfiche shows the y-pipe as having a flange to mate to the muffler system but it doesn't , it really uses this bracket pipe. The parts dept. ordered in the y-pipe to see if it came with it, even though it doesnt show in the fiche, they also ordered the bracket they saw in the fiche. THe y-pipe came but no flange, its like the one on my truck and needs this 'bracket pipe' part to mate to the muffler system. They are sending a query to Nissan to see whats up, I came here. Anyone know this part? Anyone who changed or upgraded want to sell their unwanted part?
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Mine does not have the flange at the bracket. The flange on mine is on the front of the "Y" pipe (towards the engine)

I think it's time to take off the stock system and update the exhaust. Reason I say this is if you look at the flexible joint connecting the "Y" pipe to the right side exhaust this is another failure point at well.

I could send you the part that you need but my "Y" pipe is cut going to the right side, and the "Y" pipe front flange is cut into a bit.

I took my stock muffler off and bought a NISMO.

Where abouts are you located cause the rust under your truck looks like mine. The flange bolts on mine look like a blob of metal more than a bolt.
FYI - the Nismo replaced the y pipe the flex connection up to the secondary cat flange. I guess if I were you, you will have to make a choice as to change out the the parts up to seondary cats or just replace the y pipe for now. No matter what, you may be looking at customization whatever route you go. BTW: if Nissan had the part for you you would probably pay close to what someone at muffler shop would do for you and then some.

Yep the time you had it in NY probably gave you a good percentage of rust. If you clean it all up (not the exahust) the Florida life should stop it from doing further damage.
Roast - I am not sure you are talking about the same thing, but I think that what you think is a rigid support is not what it seems to be. It's a goofy stock part. When I say goofy you would have to see what I mean in my pick of the NISMO exhaust (pic 3). It's this round circular rubber dampening device that looks like it has a nail stuck though it.

I'm thinking that someone either modified the connection joint as the Frontier never had a flange on mine that was verticle (with one bolt being on top and one on the bottom). The flangers are always about 45 degrees.

NISMO Exahust
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Mine was rusted solid. Most of the bolts had no threads.

I thought it would be simple to remove the exhaust and bolt on my Nismo.

I first tried to remove it all in one piece but it just would not come out. Then I had to cut it up. The bolts on the front flanges needed to be all cut too and I had to end up taking it to Tuffy to get a couple of bolt heads out.

Depending on the rust I'd say you will have a pia if you try and remove just a piece.
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