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Exhaust pipe mystery

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I have a '04 Desert Runner 6 cyl Frontier, it just started to develop an exhaust leak at the bracket pipe that connects the muffler system to the Y-Pipe. The problem is the Frontier microfiche shows the y-pipe as having a flange to mate to the muffler system but it doesn't , it really uses this bracket pipe. The parts dept. ordered in the y-pipe to see if it came with it, even though it doesnt show in the fiche, they also ordered the bracket they saw in the fiche. THe y-pipe came but no flange, its like the one on my truck and needs this 'bracket pipe' part to mate to the muffler system. They are sending a query to Nissan to see whats up, I came here. Anyone know this part? Anyone who changed or upgraded want to sell their unwanted part?
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put up a picture of what you are talking about and i'll tell you what the solution is. i'm not sure what you are trying to describe, but the Y pipe is separate from the rest of the exhaust.
the part you labeled as "muffler system" is aftermarket.

from the factory, there is a rubber hanger on the frame after the flange of the Y pipe that helps hold the muffler in place. whoever did that exhaust setup was retarded and shouldn't have added a rigid support like that since the exhaust sees so much vibration.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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