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Exhaust pics?

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Can some you guys post up some pics of your exhaust set ups?

I'm ready to put one on my truck in sig. Would kind of like to get an idea what it would look and sound like.

I'm leaning towards flowmaster 40 series duals?
Would like to run both pipes at 90 degrees exiting stock location
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I run a flowmaster 40 series on a '01 SC. it give it a nice rumble, nothing to loud. Mine was done in 2.5" tubing with custom made Y, long tube headers flanged with high flow cats, resonator. I kept my O2 sensors. It was very expensive to get done, but i don't regret it. Sorry I don't have any pics of it.
Magnaflow exhaust system exiting the stock location

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looks like this with 2.25" mandrel bent and a flowmaster 40

sounds like this.
YouTube - Exhaust Clip
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cliff is that just a turn down after the rear end on drivers side?

Running 1 pipe exiting out muffler is that about the same as having 2?

What size pipe did you run?

thanks guys for the post.

Still not sure how to exit pipe?

IS there big difference between having one pipe compared to duals?
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2 1/4 true duels to the muffler with a 3 inch dump by the axel. I also have pace shitter long tubes installed.
i did true duals... didn't like it. did a Y at the end to join them, and i still don't like it. no muffler. not loud at all unless i got the pedal on the floor. sounds good, but i would rather have my old setup of just a nismo Y pipe.
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