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exhaust on a 3.3

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just wondering what exhaust yall have on your 3.3l v6 trucks.

i want to get a better sounding unit. somthing that sounds tougher, meaner, beefy lol

ive heard that just a magnaflow muffer would do the trick but im not convinced. ive also seen someone do a duel cherry bomb after the y pipe going into a magnaflow.

im also unsure about this y pipe. what is it and why does everyone hate it?

just looking for ideas, sound clips, any info on bettering the sound for my exhaust.



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thanks for the reply. do you have a sound clip? what about at idle? does it have any ricey sound to it?
I have no exhaust. Straight pipes and it's really not that bad. Sound from inside and underneath starting at 5:25 in this video

youve got a badass build going on

Your truck soounds really good. didnt the 04 model have the 4.0 engine?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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