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Exhaust Manifold Shroud needs Replaced

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2002 Nissan Frontier XE 2wd 2.4l KA24DE Automatic Trans.

I have a few questions. I cant put it back on because the holes for the bolts are rusted and cracked.

1.) I cant seem to find a place online to find one. Anyone now where I can get one and how much does one cost?

2.) Do I need one on it or can I just take it off?

3.) Do you guys think I should also replace the O2 Sensor because of the shroud leaning on it?


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Yoko, I don't think there is a huge issue there. Washers, or "washers" made from sheet metal and holes drilled can be used to hold that heat shroud on. If any attaching screws/bolts broke off that hold that on, a mechanic should be able to drill those out and repair. I don't think I'd run without it, it's there for a reason; I doubt a replacement part would be costly, it's not really a precision-made part. That part would be dealer-only as new (if still available) or from a parts yard.

As to the oxygen sensor: there's always a chance that removing it might damage the threads in the exhaust manifold, I don't think I'd remove that unless there's a driveability issue.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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