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Exhaust Manifold Shroud needs Replaced

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2002 Nissan Frontier XE 2wd 2.4l KA24DE Automatic Trans.

I have a few questions. I cant put it back on because the holes for the bolts are rusted and cracked.

1.) I cant seem to find a place online to find one. Anyone now where I can get one and how much does one cost?

2.) Do I need one on it or can I just take it off?

3.) Do you guys think I should also replace the O2 Sensor because of the shroud leaning on it?


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Often the bolts would loosen and fall out, but sometimes they would break. They seem to always break if you are trying to remove them! If they just fell out, I would clean up the threads with some rust penetrant and a 6Mx1.0 thread chaser. Then, I would get some slightly longer 6Mx1.0 bolts and flat washers (as previously suggested) to secure the shield. If you can't, then it'll be okay with removing the heat shield. It'll be fine and won't be the first one. I wouldn't be worried about the sensor.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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