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Exact location of parking break wire?

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Just bought a clarion vx400, can't find where to put the green parking brake "activation" wire. I tried searching. I read it's a green wire, but where exactly should i tap into it? Thanks.

2006 CC.
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Couldn't tell ya the exact spot but on 2nd Gens. poppin' out the cup holders will expose the PB switch'n stuff... You will get tired of not being able to run a DVD, BT dial, or enter a POI w/o the PB engaged; people just run a wire to GRD. then to a toggle switch.

btw. Welcome to CF.
Clarions are usually pretty easy, pop a DVD in and when the screen says "Audio Only" flip the switch; and picture should appear if the wires are right.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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