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Evening guys!!! and gals!

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Hey! I'm an Ar-kansas fellow!! I love to hunt, fish, and camp like most of you guys out there!! Best part of my life right now beside being married to a beautiful woman is one of the jobs I have is to teach as a Professor at our nearby university a -->Fishing Class!! Anyways!

I've got an 06 Frontier! I love it!!! It's a simple 2wd but I wanted some extra ground clearance so I put on a 2.5 inch lift on it! It worked out great! I didn't have to do any ect. installation of parts at all. I literally bolted it right on and the tire size I choose works great where I don't have any wear at all when turning!

My next addition to the Frontier whom I named "Frank" is to add a Roof Rack which will help me to hall my kayaks place to place. As some or all of you know, the Frontier's bed isn't that big. Therefore, I'm here seeking to see if someone can point me in the right directions to buy an aftermarket Roof Rack!!!??

I'm not wanting the "Nissan" Style Roof Rack that comes factory built on roof rack. I'd rather have a yakima or etc. So I'm just searching for the right place to buy one!! It doesn't have to be a certain brand, I just want one that fits correctly.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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