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Just thought I would share my trials and tribulations with EVAP codes. For a long time I would get P0455 (large leak) but since the truck ran fine, and no difference in the gas mileage, I mostly ignored it. (though I did adjust the steering wheel so I didn't have to see it, lol).

Finally, last spring I decided to do something about it. After some research I found that the best way to find an EVAP leak is with a low pressure smoke test. The dealer wanted $175 to just diagnose, best price I ever found was $100. Since I have a little bit of ******* in me I decided to make my own "smoke test machine" with a paint can, wood burning tool and and air source (aquarium air pump, or regulated compressor) if anyone is interested I will post a pic or two.

After hooking up my "tester" I found a bad solenoid valve almost immediately. Replaced that, and my troubles were gone, for awhile. I started to get intermittent codes, P0442 (sm. leak) and P0456 (v. sm. leak) with my old P0455 thrown in there every now and again.

Started looking into the EVAP pressure sending unit, tested fine, but since it was intermittent thought it might still be an issue. Oh, also I did the first thing you do replace there gas cap with a new oem Nissan. (what they charged me, it must be a collectors piece)

Winter was coming on, so since it runs fine, I figured I'd wait till spring to replace the pressure sensor.

Through this site I found out about two recalls that I was unaware of, steering column, and fuel sending unit. While they were replacing the fuel sending unit, some of the connections were rusted away, and they had to replace the fuel tank. They told me that the connection to the filler tube, on the fuel tank was very corroded, and the hose coming from that was not making a good seal.

EVAP codes are gone, at least for the longest time since they started happening. When I think about it, it makes sense, the first thing they tell you is check the gas cap, well in my case it was the connection to the gas tank.

Now with all that being said, gas tanks scare me, and I don't exactly know how I would have cleaned the corrosion that was the problem, but there it was.
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