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Evap leak (Large) on 2001 frontier HELP

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I have a frontier i bought about a month ago.
the service lights on and my friend told me its an evap leak (scanner told us...)
Ive heard of many ppl replacing hundreds of dollars on canisters and sylinoids of stuff andit doesnt make it go away...

Whats the main problen usually????
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When peopel get an evap leak the first thing you should do is try another gas cap. Though sometimes this solves the issue, many times it doesn't. On my ka24e hardbody, I had two codes thrown right before I need to get a smog test. Fule temp sensor and evap leak. Jsut a coniensidence that they happened at the same time. The evap leak turned out to be a $300 pressure sensor. Periodicly theevap system closes it's vent tot eh carbon can and does a pressure test. With the perssure senor bad it rear "bad". I was able to find the sensor at a junk yard for $20.

The thing with these expensive componets is that you can't, or shouldn't jsut think it might be it and replace to see if it might fix it. Instead you need to do test on each component. If you read through the nissan factory service manual it will tell you how to test each component. THe pressure sensor I tested by ohm'ing the leads; checking the resistnace of the sensor with a volt/multi meter. Other componets, such as the pressure cylnoid, you apply 12 volt power to a lead and blow into a hose to see if it seals.

Good luck.
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