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Hi everybody!
I have a p1444 purge volume control/v code. When I filled the tank right up, fuel leaks from the charcoal canister area. I think the canister vent control is open, and charcoal canister is saturated with fuel. Seems to explain the shitty gas mileage because it's causing a vacuum leak, which i see on my scan tool. Short term fuel trim @ idle indicated by TPS 0% went to +25% and MAP is 32kPa it should be 28 to 27kPa. The parts i would need being Charcoal canister, purge volume control valve, purge control valve are around $600 CDN @ Canadian parts stores. Going to order them from RockAuto or J.C.Whitney for 1/8 or so the price. My question is:

Could i block the vacuum hose going under the throttle blade from the EVAP Canister purge control valve? Hopefully eliminate the vacuum leak somewhere by the charcoal canister.

I have already replaced the 5/32 vacuum lines in the engine bay, did the brake clean and propane vacuum leak check which solved a vacuum leak. I ran some fuel injector cleaner which was a waste of $. Replaced the front o2 sensor with an NPK sensor which was a "knee jerk" impulse still have to replace the rear o2(npk sensors) Cleaned the MAF, changed the plugs wires, cap, and rotor.

Need help!
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