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EVAP Canister electric plugs

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Hi all, looking for some help once again. I'm getting code P0448 on my 2011 Pro 4X

I wanted to take a look at the canister and valve and give them a good cleaning, but after 45min of not being able to disconnect the 2 electronic plugs I gave up.

Can someone please tell me how to unplug these. I tried searching, but could not find a post wire detailed information

Thanks in advance!

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One usually sees one of two designs on Nissan connectors. The problem with either one is that dirt can get under the tab and make it difficult to get the connector to release. Compressed air can be helpful in blowing out the dirt. The one type of connector you just press down on the tab and pull the connector off. The other style usually has a green colored release tab. On those, I push the connector forward, then push the green release forward to release the locking mechanism and then pull the connector off while keeping the tab pushed forward.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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