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I'm Don and my 2005 Nissan Frontier NISSMO 4l with 150 K miles has a serious problem. 2000 miles into a 2500 mile holiday, pulling a travel trailer, at highway speed she lost all power. The engine didn't stop but started major missing to where it was all we could do to limp off the highway. The oil pressure dropped and the oil light came on along with a flashing "service engine" light. No fluid leaks were showing. Restarted the engine after a couple of minutes and the engine was just as rough and feeble but the oil pressure showed OK then dropped to nothing. When my mechanic checked he found 3 codes - P0300, P0430 and P1614. Now, with a cold engine, I can start the truck; all will run OK until she starts to warm up then the oil pressure drops and the missing starts. There is also some white exhaust - not coolant, just white smoke. The only other problems I had with the truck was an on-going service engine light with a code I was told was a bad O2 sensor which I was told I could ignore at least as long as my holiday trip.
I hope someone out there can help us as we are at our wits end.

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As I answered at NissanForums:

Multiple misfire code, catalyst efficiency code...which makes sense if it's misfiring...and an anti-theft system code. My assumption...and without doing any diagnostics, that's all it is...would be a faulty ECM relay or a charging system issue. Has the ECM recall ever been performed? If you have fog lamps, you can try swapping it with the ECM relay for testing purposes and see if it fixes the problem. If it does, get a new ECM relay and install it, returning the fog lamp relay to its place; you may want to contact Nissan to see if this recall is still "open" if you don't know. Nissan customer service is 1-800-NISSAN-1, or you can check for recalls online at:

If that's not it, check the battery cable connections to the battery and make sure they are clean and tight; you should not be able to turn the cables ends by hand on the posts of the battery. 2005-and-later Nissan trucks have lots of problems caused by poor connections there. If those are good, have the battery checked and check the charging system voltage, which should be 13.2-15.5 volts, at idle and at 3000RPM, with and without loads (headlamps, defoggers, etc.). If the voltage goes over or under specs, there's a good chance the alternator is bad.
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