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engine swaps

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okay heres the deal, im really sick of the little v6 in the fronty, and ive been toying with the idea of a V8. and then theres my friend putting a lexus V8 in his 4runner lol. so i guess i gotta keep up right? lol. so has anyone done a V8 swap into a fronty yet? or seen any done, or have any info at all on one? ive been looking all over, havnt found a single swap. not even a beefed up v6 swap. whats out there?
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actually im running a 2000 crew cab. i think if i had the 05 the 265 hp would be plenty, its atleast better than the 190 im getting now. but my buddys 4runner is a 94 (2nd gen) and the lexus engine i believe comes from a 90-99 LS400 or something? im not caught up on my lexus stuff lol. anyway that swap is about 300 hp stock, and he might beef it up a little bit, he will hit 350 at max. but i doubt that, so im kinda aiming for about 270-300.

and i would seriously think about paving the way for everyone and being the first one out there. but right now im working at a ski resort and i really need my truck! lol. so maybe this summer when i can ride the bike i can put my truck out of commsion. but my problem still lies in a engine. the titan engine would be sweet, but thats an expensive engine. where my buddys engine will cost him about 800 bucks, the titan engine would be a couple grand prob. and i dont think it would be that easy of a swap. older engines are tipically easier to swap. so i guess i still need to find a donor, that would fit decently easy on a 3" body lift. any ideas for engine?
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actually a good start for me would be finding out what transmission i have. anyone have a clue?
any idea where you saw that? id really like to know more on it, thanks!
never mind i looked into the QX4 it makes 240 hp, and wouldnt be any easyer than the engine i found. uses the same tranny thats in the truck, so i basically just have to mount it and wire it. heres a pic of the donor i think im going to use, anyone want to take a guess at waht it is?

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jojo said:
that a 3.0LV6 twin trubo out of a 300zx. 8)
someone knows their nissans 8) thats about a 300hp Twin Turbo V6 haha. should be a nice match up against that 250hp lexus V8.

but do you think its going to sound ricey? because right now with a high flow cat and borla exhaust my V6 sounds like a 8, not ricey at all, and i cant have my truck sounding like rice, so with my exhaust i have now it shouldnt sound ricey right?
badass, well if i can swing all my payments i think ill start dumping some money into swapping that engine this summer when its done raining so i can ride the r6 lol.
ill deff be putting a loud *** BOV on it, i want that thing to scream PHSSSS!!! lol i dont know what im going to do about an intercooler yet, i dont want anything hanging down real low, but headers will be there along with a exhaust and intake, ill prob think about a chip too. over time there will be some performance upgrades but the stock engine and the swap is going to drain my funds to 0 lol. so that will come over time.

anyway dude im clear up in oregon, your more than welcome to fly up lol but other wise thanks anyway
yeah ill deff have a intercooler on it, it just wont be a massive really nice one, but there will be one. i just dont want it hanging down and me wack it on a rock or a trree or something lol. after all i am a tree huger i got the dents to prove it lol
anyone know of a real shallow or short intercooler. ill be running a shrockworks front bumper, so i dont want it to hang below that.
badass, i didnt realize you can mount them on top of the engine, thats what ill do, because i planned on running a 2" cowl hood. but maybe ill step it up to like 3 or 4, anything to get that to fit under the hood, the farther away from mud the better! lol
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