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engine swaps

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okay heres the deal, im really sick of the little v6 in the fronty, and ive been toying with the idea of a V8. and then theres my friend putting a lexus V8 in his 4runner lol. so i guess i gotta keep up right? lol. so has anyone done a V8 swap into a fronty yet? or seen any done, or have any info at all on one? ive been looking all over, havnt found a single swap. not even a beefed up v6 swap. whats out there?
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that a 3.0LV6 twin trubo out of a 300zx. 8)
frontin, where are you at, i would like to help out w/ the install if your in the phoenix area.
if not, i'll be there in spirit. good luck.
the intercooler just cools the and condenses the the air. the more air and fuel you put into the combustion chamber the more power your going to have. if you want to keep the lifespan of the turbos longer, you'll need a turbo timer. it keeps the engine running at an idle for a couple of mins. after you turn the off the car. it lets the oil cool off so the hot oil dosent sit in the turbos and destroy your barrings. sorry for the spelling :oops:
you can always mount the intercooler on top of the engine like the WRX. but then you'll need a coustom hood. or cut your stock hood the install a hood scoop of your chose.
1 - 4 of 42 Posts
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