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Engine fan question...

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Hi all,

I have a 2 week old 2010 SE crew cab 4x4 with currently 550 miles on the clock.

My concern is that ive just come to realize today while I was sitting in a parking lot, that ive never heard the radiator fan(s) engage. With every other car ive owned, the engine fans typically come on and off at certain intervals depending on the temperature, obviously. But with my Frontier, ive noticed that while sitting at a red light or parked, even if the truck is idling for 10-15 minutes - never hear the fans kick on.

Now the fans do come on as soon as you start the truck after being off for a while, and then shut off as they should - and of course they come on when the AC compressor is engaged.

I assume the fan controls are linked to the temp gauge on the left side of the cluster settles at about 1/3 up the range. so..a little ways below the half way mark.

is this normal?


EDIT: I also wanted to add that yes, the fan is running when the engine is on. I just figured eventually after idling for a while that it would ramp up.
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When my truck was new it never came on. Once I got over 30K and changed the coolant it came on more often. Then it would come on during record cold temps. I discovered there were air bubbles in the system and once I burped it the fan come on only when really hot out or the A/C comes on.
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