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Engine dies while driving on fwy

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I have a 2006 CC 4x4 with 140,000 miles, recently I was driving on the fwy and all of a sudden the engine dies. Luck that it was not busy and I was able to coast to the side. It has also died on me while i was just parked and idling and coming off a complete stop. The weird thing is that there was no error code or engine light on. I have Been searching and found the ECM replay problem and the IPDM problem. I have a appointment tomorrow to have the replay replaced, but should I also expect to have to replace the IPDM? Could there be another thing causing this the problem? I have just replace the crack shaft sensor, but could a bad camshaft sensor also cause this problem without having the engine turn on.
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Could also be the fuel pump.

It if stops working, it doesn't cause the CEL to turn on.
Has anyone experience the engine stalling in the middle of the fwy and not have any error codes come up?.
My hidden kill switch is connected to the fuel pump.

When I open the switch while driving down the road, the engine immediately stalls, but it doesn't set any error codes or turn on the CEL.

You mentioned that you replaced the fuel gauge sender - Did you replace the fuel pump at the same time?
Stalls for no known reason and ends up throwing the codes.
What codes is it throwing?
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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