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Engine Cover

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Lately i've seen a lot of titan owners painting their engine covers. I would like to know if anyone here might know how/what to do. What paint should i use? Do I have to sand the plastic? etc... Thanks.
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I did a little research on the ClubTitan Forum....
They seemed do a little sanding and most of them used a spray paint from Krylon that is made for plastics called "Fusion". The paint is availible at pretty much any hardware store and even Wallymart.

I was thinking about doing this myself. I think it may be a little tougher for us to do it, just because of the intake. If you do this make sure to post pics!! I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to see the outcome. Also if you have a chance go to and do a search for "engine cover paint". There are quite a few guys over there that have done this, with really great results.
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