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Engine Codes?

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Wasn't sure where to post this exactly. I just finished the Blue Gauge LED mod and then had to readjust my gauge needles. Now I have the Check Engine light is on and I have errors. SInce the errors have to do with fuel/engine I posted here.

They are P0183 and P0462. SUperChips programmer says they are: Fuel Temp Sensor A Circ. High Input, and Fuel Level Sens Circ Low Input.

Anyone know what these are and if I have a problem?
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Have you tried to reset them yet?

I'd doubt what you modified affected them but do the Blue LEDs have the same resistance as the OEM ones?
I did reset.erase the code errors. I guess I will see if they come back.

As far as I know the LEDs should be the same. They are the same ones like 5+ people have bought and used.
I wouldn't worry about the errors unless they come back or if your truck is running a bit wierd.
cool thanks, I will wait and see how it goes. SHould be fine I would think.
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