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End links break often?

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Got under my truck to see WTH was goin' on with the front suspension..

_found a FUBAR'd $15.32(@ Fontana) stabilizer end link. Waiting for PRG to get back to me on a solution... Anyone else done this before?
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do you leave them connected when you off road?
^yeah.... the front bar is left connected; didn't think there would be anymore stress than a unloaded suspension.
..There are time I would love my sway bar back on like this pass weekend on the highway with the high winds.
^I drive a 8mi. stretch of canyon road a couple times month; I like both my sway bars keeping things in check; one of the reasons for my DD choice of rubber... I drive lika manic on the pavement! lol.

Thanks fellas! I figured guys who pulled the bars were just tired of buy'n end links and wanted the flex anyway.

add/edit: If you look closely at the pic. the shaft is actually twisted too! Got a hold of PRG(Greg) gettin' a uprated set made up.
Installed the new PRG links, Greg adjusted/set them perfect for my set up so install was a breeze!

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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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