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That's my point.
I can't find the video now but there was this idiot on YT that was traveling all over the states in unsafe setup. He didn't even have much for a hitch setup. He was going slow and thought he could avoid catastrophe. But he was on the interstate going maybe 50 mph. Well the truck and camper ended up in the middle medium and the camper exploded with debri everywhere. Miraculously his frontier remained upright. The state police was pretty upset and looked at the mess and the sorry *** setup and gave him a big fine. Then they said he had 1 hours to collect whatever junk he had in the mess and they would have a loader scoop of the trash and haul it off. It was a long trailer and the morons had overloaded it as well. State police said they would bill them for the cleanup as well. Then the idiot on this same video set up a go fund me asking for 30K to replace the trailer. Needless to say the channel got flamed to pieces. Posters were ripping him for being unsafe and being a narcissist. Mostly folks were upset that he had no care for other travelers on the road doing such stupid things. Luckily no other vehicles were involved.
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