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A couple years back my buddies tundra broke down while towing his travel trailer in Santa Cruz California. It was Sunday late morning and he couldn't get anyone with a full size truck to help get his trailer home as his truck needed to get to the dealership for repair. He was stuck in a bad situation and called me as a last resort for help. So I took my '18 pro4x on a 3.5 hour drive from Nevada County to go on a rescue mission knowing this could be a risky one. Anyone who knows me knows that I will never refuse help to a friend who's broke down or stuck. I've been there many times myself and having that one friend who will never say no is priceless at times!!! As bad as it looks in the picture I was completely surprised at how it handled on the various highways and freeways I had to venture with it. It wasn't too bad. I know many of you will say WTF are you crazy when looking at the picture!!! I took it very mellow and made it home safe. I would never do this normally but I'm a man who enjoys a good challenge!! 25 ft, 5500 pounds of trailer and I'm guessing a few tons of tongue weight...hahahaha


1 - 1 of 22 Posts