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Effing body lift and front bumper issues

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Installed the 2" bl the other night, and the F. bumper relocation brackets that came with the kit don't fit and the pics that came with the instructions don't match up with what the truck actually looks like. I hate how the front looks now with ah 2" gap. I guess I'll be getting my new bumper sooner than I thought. Unless anyone can think of a way to raise the bumper on an '09 with out cutting into the crash bar and frame to get the b*tch to fit.

I'll post some pics later maybe
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I didnt think they changed anything to the front bumpers on the 09's, thought it was only the grill?

While we are on the BL topic, does anyone make a 1" BL or is it only the 2" and 3"? Roger Brown makes 1" for Toyota's and such, but didnt see anything for Nissan. I guess one could take a 2" and cut it down to 1" and sell the other 1" and make some money back. I dont think I am the first to inquire on a 1" BL.
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