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Ebay suspension lift product review

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I recently purchased a 2007 King Cab 4x4 and using multiple parts found on Ebay added 2.5" front and 3" rear suspension lift. I would like to share my experience with the specific products used and the troubles I encountered.

-Supreme Suspensions 2.5" front spacers 2 5" Front Leveling Lift Kit 2WD 4WD Pro Fits 2005 2016 Nissan Frontier Xterra | eBay
-Pros- These were my favorite product of the entire project, they went in easy, look good, and provided exactly the amount of lift advertised.
-Cons- Instructions were vague, would have been nice if they included new cotter pins for upper ball joint.

-Rough Country LCA cam bolts Rough Country Lower Control Arm Cam Bolts Fits Nissan Frontier 2WD 4WD 1004 | eBay
-Pros- welded eccentric looks like it will hold up well, Clear instructions.
-Cons- These come with an eccentric washer welded to the bolt head, but do not have an eccentric washer for the nut side, just a smaller standard washer. This may work fine, but it leaves me a little worried about the control arms coming out of alignment under stress.

-Energy Suspension 9.9132G Bump stop Energy Suspension 9 9132G Pair Black Ultra Low Profile Button Style Bump Stops | eBay
-Pros- easy install in UCA using 3/8" drill. Nice Low profile.
-Cons- had to purchase extra 3/8" nuts to get proper spacing.

-Spring Force 2" Short Add-A-Leaf Kit with shims 2" Short Helper Springs Add A Leaf Kit for 05 16 Nissan Frontier 2WD 4WD Shims | eBay
-Pros- comes with drive shaft angle shims and 4 leaf retaining bolts (only 2 required but I ended up using 3 because I cut one too short)
-NOTE- If you are planning on adding this AAL, removing your overload spring, and not using the supplied shims, the install will go smoothly, however I wanted to keep the overload spring and use the supplied drive shaft angle correction shims so I required some modifications along with longer U bolts.
-Cons- Vague instructions, Washers should have been supplied for use with shim.
-NOTE- Because I wanted to keep the overload spring AND use the supplied angle shim I had to purchase longer U bolts, washers for spring retaining bolt, and modification to the shim. While I had every thing apart I cut 1/2" spacers (blocks) out of 1/4" steel and added them between the overload spring and shim. With my modifications I think I am right at the limit of the factory shock absorbers (there may be 1" of extension left but that's it).

Overall I think I should have spent the extra $$ on a more reputable AAL kit, but I am happy with it. May attempt a 1" DIY body lift in the coming weeks, any suggestions or anyone think i should leave it where it is? See Before and after pictures attached.


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I just bought the 3" front spacer/2" rear block kit from Supreme Suspensions. Thanks for showing me what it's going to look like! I am excited to put it on.
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