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eBay Cheapy bulbs melted connectors? Now What?

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A buddy of mine bought $5 headlight bulbs on eBay, they ran good for a while, then one went dim, the same night both headlights went out. When we inspected the next day, after unplugging the bulbs, the ends of the connections were a little burned. Plugged the stock ones back in, and those were fine for about a month. Now one headlight is dim again, do the ends need to be replaced. Will a dealer replace under warranty if the stock bulbs are in now? :confused:
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Don't try to scam the dealer. It's people who do $h!t like this that cause dealers to be so un-trusting. They think somebody is always out to pull one over on them just like we expect them to always bend us over. I had the same problem years ago when I tried to run hi watt bulbs. Just go buy some heavy duty connectors and be done with it.
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