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eBay Cheapy bulbs melted connectors? Now What?

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A buddy of mine bought $5 headlight bulbs on eBay, they ran good for a while, then one went dim, the same night both headlights went out. When we inspected the next day, after unplugging the bulbs, the ends of the connections were a little burned. Plugged the stock ones back in, and those were fine for about a month. Now one headlight is dim again, do the ends need to be replaced. Will a dealer replace under warranty if the stock bulbs are in now? :confused:
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im betting the lights he bought were 100w or so. the factory wiring wont handle the extra draw required by those bulbs. hell, its really not enough for for even the 65w lights. he can try to take it in. its hard to say what they will say. if i were you or your friend i would build a custom harness and just zip tie the factory stuff up and out of the way.
any auto parts store will have them. if he switches back to those bulbs he will just melt the harness again though. the factory stuff is only rated for the 65w bulbs.
my dad was wondering why a fuse didnt pop but the connector melted
because of the excess heat from 100w bulbs. the fuse would have popped if the harness had melted to the point that there was metal to metal contact. the higher wattage bulbs pulls more current and that causes heat at the bulb and along the wires themselves but wont fry a fuse. as i said, the wires used for the head lights are minimal at best. so the fuse and the wire were probably right at the max amps they could both handle.
when you cut the factory harness only cut one at a time and match them to the wires on the new one one at a time.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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