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eBay Cheapy bulbs melted connectors? Now What?

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A buddy of mine bought $5 headlight bulbs on eBay, they ran good for a while, then one went dim, the same night both headlights went out. When we inspected the next day, after unplugging the bulbs, the ends of the connections were a little burned. Plugged the stock ones back in, and those were fine for about a month. Now one headlight is dim again, do the ends need to be replaced. Will a dealer replace under warranty if the stock bulbs are in now? :confused:
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Well having the bright white bulbs doesn't really matter, just wondering if he can replace the ends and where to find them, if the dealer says they won't replace.
WHat is the best way, just cut the old one off, and splice in some new ones?

like these?
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Damn, if only we could have read Chinese we would have known, haha
Ok we got the new ones, am I to assume the wires can only go one way because of the D shape of the connector?
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