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after going to younker nissan a few months ago and being disappointed with the outcome, i took the frontier to eastside nissan in bellevue today. told the service writer my concerns, and within an hour i was told it was the timing chains and tensioners are going out. so i says ok, and low and behold about three hours later, the job was done and no more whine. so kudos to eastside nissan, i would recommend them to anyone that needs work done to their nissan
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That was fast. Possibly more than one tech working on it.
My Pathfinder took all day to do.

well, the gal said they had about 100 so far, and they got it whittled down from doing so many of em. she said it is billed for 9 hours. i was just went in to get it looked at and possibly set an appointment to do the work, and then, "it should be ready in about for hours". so i says ok and went and farted around for about three hours, came back sat for half an hour and was on my way. all i know is theres no more of the dreaded whine. they must of done somethin else too cause what sounded like valve tapping and some chatter is gone too:thumbup:
Good to know that it made it quiet again. I really like to hear GOOD feedback about a dealer. There are some good ones out there.

i dont wanna say anything bad aboot the other dealer, it wasnt a really bad experience, but what should of been rectified then, wasnt. it was fairly audible about four months ago, then in the last 1500-2000 miles it started getting louder and louder. anyway just glad that they fixed it without any hassles. i even did the airbox mod, and didnt hear a peep about that
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