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I bought a set of used Extended length Radflo coilovers a few years ago, After finally buying the rest of the parts needed to complete my lift, I discovered that these are a very early version that had a smaller eyelet than the stock bolt (1/2" diameter bolt) after talking with Glenn from Radflo I went and bought a 1/2" bolt to try and make them work to just figure out that the bushing spacers are slightly less than a 1/2" diameter. At this point I think I have learned my lesson to not mess around with used shocks anymore and try to recoup some of the money I have spent. I am asking $300 plus actual shipping, or if you'd like to pick them up I am in the Philadelphia area and could possibly meet somewhere as well in the Tristate area. I know my difficulties is horrible marketing but want to be upfront and honest. Also the one top plate is looser than the other. Below is a link to a gallery of some photos I snapped for Radflo to look at them:

Please let me know if you have anymore questions or want additional photos.


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